Van Houston began five years ago as an after school tutorial center.

The private school did not open until the year after. In the beginning, there were only two classrooms available and eight students enrolled. Our valedictorian, Sophie Hoang, was one of the original eight.

“My parents took a gamble when they first enrolled me in Van Houston Academy. Originally, the school was very small and didn’t offer much compared to public schools. It was the teachers that made all the difference. I’ve accomplished things that most people my age only dream of. I can’t thank my teachers enough for helping me get here.”
During her time at Van Houston, Sophie created the logo of the CARE club which raised over $4000 in Covid relief for Vietnam. In addition to her volunteer work, Sophie is a talented artist that placed 3rd in a local art competition.

Sophie will be attending university with a full ride of 130K scholarship in the upcoming fall.

Vy Vivian Nguyen, our salutatorian and class president, joined the school in 2019 as a sophomore. Her parents made the decision to move her here because her previous school left her feeling discouraged and unsatisfied. At Van Houston, Vy found a sense of purpose in that she wanted to make difference in her new school.
“I felt like I mattered. My voice, my opinions, and my feelings were respected. Because of that, I felt like what I did made a difference.” Vy established the first student government in Van Houston and led as our first class president.

She will be attending university with a full ride of a 130K scholarship in the upcoming fall.

Minh Luong joined our family in 2019 and blossomed into a brilliant and confident young man. We can’t wait to see how far this compassionate student goes. He is going to university to pursue mechanical engineering.
Sang Lien joined our family in 2019 and has shown immense progress throughout the years. Although he started off as a shy student, he slowly became more social and outgoing. He is attending university in the fall to pursue his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer.
Huy Bui joined our family in 2019 as a freshman. He quickly became a huge helping hand for the school. In the near future, he plans to pursue his passion in construction in community college.
Lily Do joined our family in 2019. She excels in designing projects for the school and always extends a loving heart to the little kids she interacts with. In the fall, she will be going to university to pursue a career as a dental hygienist.

Our graduation was on the news!

We were featured on Viet TV and broadcasted in the Houston area. You can watch the segment on YouTube.