Van Houston Academy – one of the first private schools of Vietnamese people in the United States. Through many ups and downs as well as suggestions and feedback from parents, Van Houston Academy has gradually improved and developed and not only that, the school has achieved many achievements of its own. .

The school is accredited by the COGNIA organization. This certification gives the school confidence in the quality of its curriculum and staff.

More importantly, Van Houston Academy is also approved by the US Government to issue an I-20. This is one of the prerequisites when international students are dreaming of pursuing their education in the USA. The I-20 is for international students studying at Van Houston Academy. When students have 36 months of studying at High School in the US, entering university, they will pay tuition fees like natives, and not yet, they will also receive subsidies from the Government.

To be as developed as it is now, Van Houston Academy always appreciates love and trust from parents and students for the school. We always try to improve the qualifications and skills of our teaching staff, aiming for all international students to have wings in the best educational environment in the US.

Van Houston Academy
Trường tư thục Việt Mỹ đạt chuẩn hệ thống giáo dục Hoa Kỳ
☎ Hotline: (832) 359-3417
📌 13618 Bellaire Blvd Ste E3, Houston, TX 77083
Trang chủ – Van Houston Academy