Commiting to provide Houston & International students with Academic Excellence

Van Houston Academy is a first premier private school located in Houston, dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience for both local and international students. The school was founded by the principal Vỹ Văn (Mr. Van) – Master of Education from the prestigious Stanford University in 2016.

With a focus on academic excellence and a unique educational environment, Van Houston Academy strives to develop well-rounded individuals who are prepared for success in an interconnected world.

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Our mission is to create a learning environment that promotes educational excellence, personal responsibility, and mental, social, and physical growth within the community.

We seek to develop individuals in preparation for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and contributions to society.

Through small classroom settings, rigorous and innovative curriculum, and strong relationship building, we challenge students to reason analytically, think creatively, and argue critically. Our academy’s supportive environment fosters independence, maturity, self-motivation, and a lifetime pursuit of knowledge. 





Our biggest emphasis is on both academic excellence and character development.


Members of Van Houston Academy exhibit caring and compassionate behavior in all aspects of daily life. Students are expected to be attentive to themselves and empathetic to the peers that surround them. Through observation and guidance, students are able to apply the care they give to others, their family, their school community, and the community that goes beyond this institution.


As members of a prestige academy, students pledge to tell the truth, act with honor and integrity, respect the property of others, and honor all their commitments. A student’s work is expected to be his or her own, and they are held to the highest standards that they are not to mislead, cheat, or steal.


We cherish relationship building through acts of tolerance, courtesy, and thoughtfulness. These actions are performed towards all individuals, properties, environments, and ourselves. With teamwork and individual progress prioritized, respect is a value that is imperative to the success and growth of students within the private school.


To benefit from the informational lessons that educators present, students are encouraged to complete required tasks and apply prolonged effort to their work. Dedication, persistence, and will power are all qualities that are accentuated for academic growth. Through trial and error, students will learn that there are endless possibilities to reach their goals as long as they strive for success and never give up.


Our institution places emphasis on accepting honor with humility and completing hidden acts of service. Students are acknowledged through achievements and are expected to support their classmates’ success. Through utilizing personal responsibility, members of Van Houston Academy apply patience and a humble attitude towards each individual.


As an essential skill for academic growth, gratitude is portrayed by all students and faculty. Our classrooms are specifically catered to highlight kindness, genuine actions, and generosity. Those who attend the academy are required to portray good etiquette within their interactions.


Private school scholars demonstrate self-regulatory skills to maintain focus and increase their well being in classes. To exceed academically, students must abstain from distractions and commit to required school tasks. Being in control of one’s actions and reactions facilitates healthy relationships between classmates and educators.

Introducing Phelix

Introducing Phelix


We never back down.
We never give up!